Daily Deals (9-24-2019)

Amazon’s new $250 Kindle Oasis is the company’s first eReader with adjustable color temperature for its front light. But the previous-gen Kindle Oasis has most of the new model’s other features including a 7 inch E Ink display, an IPX8 waterproof rating, physical page turn buttons, and support for Bluetooth audio if you want to […]

Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis is its first with adjustable color temperature

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the company’s top-of-the-line eReader, featuring a bigger screen, more LED lights for a more evenly illuminated display, and other features to help set it apart from the Kindle Paperwhite and entry-level Kindle. Now Amazon is launching a 10th-gen Kindle Oasis with one more distinguishing feature: adjustable color temperature. You can adjust […]

Amazon launches 7 inch, waterproof Kindle Oasis for $250

Amazon is updating its top-of-the-line Kindle eReader with a new model sporting a bigger screen, a lower price, and support for listening to audiobook from Amazon’s Audible service (when paired with Bluetooth speakers or headphones). The new Kindle Oasis is up for pre-order today for $250 and it ships starting October 31st. That’s actually just […]

Amazon Kindle Oasis leaks suggest a radically new eReader design

Amazon’s next Kindle eReader is coming soon, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that the 8th-gen Kindle will be a “top of the line” device. While the company hasn’t made an official announcement yet, a listing at Chinese retail outlet TMall may have just spilled the beans. Update: The web page has been removed, […]