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How to root a Kindle Fire with Software Version 6.3.1

Update: This guide assumes you have an original Kindle Fire running software version 6.3.1. These steps won’t necessarily work on the Kindle Fire 2nd generation or Kindle Fire HD.  Amazon released a minor software update for the Kindle Fire. It gives users a little more control over some security settings by letting them block children […]

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Root Kindle Fire 6.3, install Google Play Store with Kindle Fire Utility

Now that tools are available to root a Kindle Fire running software version 6.3 the hard way, the developer behind the popular Kindle Fire Utility has put together an easy method for rooting a Kindle Fire and making other changes. Update: Kindle Fire Utility can also root Amazon’s software version 6.3.1. You can find more details […]

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MIUI ROM is now available for the Kindle Fire – video

There’s a new version of Android available for Amazon Kindle Fire users that aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and hacking the tablet. It’s based on the popular MIUI software which is already available for dozens of other Android devices. MIUI replaces the Kindle Fire’s version of Android with a user interface that looks […]

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Kindle Fire Utility can now root Kindle OS 6.3, install custom recovery, more

Developer VashyPooh released a Windows tool called Kindle Fire Utility recently. It lets users root an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, change boot modes, install the TWRP custom recovery tool, and make more changes. Update: Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.5 can now root tablets running Kindle Fire software version 6.3.1 or earlier.  Then Amazon went and released a […]

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Kindle Fire Utility makes updating, tweaking Amazon’s tablet a snap

It’s been a little over a month since the Amazon Kindle Fire hit the streets, and since day one hackers have been kicking the tires of Amazon’s 7 inch tablet to figure out how to make it do more than read books, play videos, and run apps purchased from Amazon. Now a developer going by […]