Kimdecent unveils CS868 Android TV stick with Allwinner A31 quad-core chip

Chinese device maker Kimdecent’s latest Android TV stick is one of the first to feature an Allwinner A31 quad-core processor. The Kimdecent CS868 is available for pre-order from Ali-Express for $95. Like other TV sticks, it’s basically designed to let you run Android apps on a TV. THere’s an HDMI connector on one end which […]

Kimdecent MK806 Android TV stick feature HDMI and 3.5mm audio

Chinese device maker Kimdecent’s latest Android TV stick has one feature that’s been sorely missing from many of the little Android-powered PCs we’ve seen recently: a 3.5mm audio jack. If you use the HDMI port to plug the Kimdecent Mk806 into an HDTV, you can just listen to audio on the televison’s speakers. But if […]

Kimdecent Droid Stick A2 mini PC packs a dual core Amlogic CPU

Kimdecent is one of many shops that have been cranking out USB thumb drive-sized PCs with ARM-based processors and Android operating systems this year. Recently the company introduced the Droid Stick T10 — a device with a Rockchip RK3066 dual core CPU and Android 4.1 software. Now the company is getting ready to launch a […]

Kimdecent $72 Droid Stick T10 mini PC: Android 4.1 and a Rockchip RK3066 CPU

Kimdecent’s latest Android mini PC is a USB thumb drive-sized computer-on-a-stick with a dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software. It’s called the Kimdecent Droid Stick T10, and you can pick one up from AliExpress for $72. This isn’t the first Android Mini PC we’ve […]

Kimdecent launches Droid Stick T4 Android 4.0 PC-on-a-stick for $69

Chinese device maker Kimdecent has introduced a new mini PC called the Droid Stick T4. Like an MK802, the Droid Stick T4 looks like a USB flash drive, but it’s really a little computer featuring an Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 4GB of storage. But Kimdecent’s new model ships with 1GB of RAM instead […]