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Kano’s DIY HD Screen Kit goes with its kid-friendly DIY computer

Kano offers a DIY computer kit designed to teach kids to code and work with computers. The company’s first product was a kit that kids can put together featuring a Raspberry Pi, case, keyboard, and software. Now Kano is also offering a DIY 10 inch display kit. Kano’s computer is relatively easy to assemble, but it […]

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PeeWee Kit: Software package to make any netbook kid-friendly

I’m always a little skeptical when I hear about kid-friendly PCs. I’ve seen plenty of five year olds who are more adept than adults at using a computer to surf the web, find Flash-based video games, and pull up YouTube videos of their favorite songs. Of course, that same facility with computers is what will […]

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Samsung pushes kid-friendly version of the Samsung N150 netbook

Netbooks are inherently kid-friendly laptops. They’re small and light, which means they won’t break your back if you stick them in a backpack, and small fingers aren’t a problem. And of course, arguably the first netbook, the OLPC XP Laptop was designed specifically with children in developing nations in mind, so it included easy to […]

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Asus introduces Eee PC 1001PQ netbook for kids

Asus is no stranger to the kid-friendly netbook space. Last year the company introduced the 8.9 inch Disney Netpal Eee PC MK90H. Now the company’s back with a new model that doesn’t look like it was barfed on by a fairy princess. The Asus Eee PC 1001PQ is basically a slightly more colorful version of […]