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GameStick aims to give Ouya run for its money with a $79 video game console

The $99 Ouya video game console is expected to ship in April, 2013. But it may not be the only inexpensive Android-based game console available at that time. A company called GameStick has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a similar device designed to bring Android games to the TV. The GameStick […]

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Memoto raising funds for wearable camera to capture your life with 4000 photos a day

If you’ve got a smartphone, odds are you’ve always got a camera on you which you can use to document your experiences. But how often to you actually pull it out to take photos? A new project called Memoto wants to bring a tiny, wearable camera to market that automatically documents your experiences by snapping […]

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SunVolt is raising funds for an $85 portable 10W solar charger

Putting an array of solar panels on your roof to power your home is still an expensive proposition. But portable solar chargers are getting more and more affordable all the time — and now a Kickstarter campaign is aimed at raising money for a portable charging solution called the SunVolt. The SunVolt is a messenger […]

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Ubi envisions an always-on, voice activated Android device for your home

Most Android devices are smartphones or tablets that feature touchscreen displays. But the folks behind the Ubi project want to take advantage of Android’s built-in voice control features to deliver an inexpensive home computer that you use just by talking to it. The developers are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the device off the […]

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Ouya Android game console raises $8.6 million, official pre-orders start

A month ago the developers of a small Android-powered video game console took to Kickstarter to raise money to turn their concept into a real product. 30 days later, the fundraising campaign is over, and the Ouya project has raised nearly $8.6 million. The original goal was $950,000. Apparently the idea of a $99 hacker-friendly […]

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Botiful bot makes telepresence easy and affordable for consumers

Telepresence bots make people who have to work remotely feel less cut off from their co-workers in the office and helps facilitate more organic communication and collaboration. Many telepresence bots are pricey given that they have to integrate cameras, microphones and sensors to help with navigation in addition to servos and wheels, so they’re out […]

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Pebble E-Paper watch raises $10 million, over 85 thousand pre-orders

The Pebble is a smart watch with a low-power E Ink display that’s easily readable in direct sunlight. While you can use the watch to tell the time, it can also be paired with an iPhone or Android phone to display caller ID information, text messages, Facebook or email alerts, or other data. It can […]