Reinkstone R1 eReader with a 10.1 inch color ePaper display hits Kickstarter

The Reinkstone R1 is a 10.1 inch tablet or eBook reader with a 2232 x 1680 pixel electronic paper display that can show 4096 colors. You can use the device to read or annotate eBooks thanks to support for an optional pressure-sensitive pen. But thanks to 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 1.8 GHz ARM […]

BLOCKS modular smartwatch platform is dead, liquidation process begins

The folks at BLOCKS unveiled a concept for a modular smartwatch in 2014, launched a crowdfunding campaign a year and a half later, and eventually raised more than $1.6 million from more than 5-thousand backers. But according to the latest update on the BLOCKS Kickstarter campaign, the team’s dream of a modular smartwatch platform is […]

Naruto eOneBook is a dual-screen eReader with every volume of Naruto pre-loaded (crowdfunding)

A few years ago Progress Technologies introduced a First of the North Star eReader featuring dual E Ink displays and every issue of the popular Manga pre-loaded. Now they’re back with a Naruto version. It’s up for pre-order from Kickstarter for about $460 and up, and the price includes all 72 volumes of Naruto, which […]

Kite DIY modular smartphone kit hits Kickstarter for $274 and up

Kite is a modular smartphone and/or computer kit that you assemble yourself. Since it features a modular design, you can decide what sensors, displays, or other components you want to use… although there are some limitations. Developer Shree Kumar is positioning Kite as an open hardware platform. The design files will be available and editable. […]

LattePanda Delta is a Powerful, Hackable SBC for the Windows Crowd

Two Decembers ago, DFRobot unveiled the original LattePanda SBC. The Atom-based computer could run Windows 10 and was also fully Arduino compatible thanks to its Atmega32u4 coprocessor. Now the company is ready to launch an updated version. It’s called the LattePanda Delta and DFRobot will be offering four different configurations. They start with an Intel […]

Kano unveils Camera, Speaker, and Pixel screen kits for young tinkerers (Crowdfunding)

The makers of the Kano Computer Kit are expanding their line of products designed to help kids learn to code. Kano is launching a Kickstarter campaign for three new kits that kids can assemble and then program from a web browser. One is a programmable Camera Kit. Another is a Speaker Kit. And the third […]

Fidget Cube: tiny toy keeps your fingers occupied with buttons and knobs that don’t do anything (crowdfunding)

A lot of people seem to find fidgeting with pens, remote controls, and other gizmos with buttons, knobs and dials helps keep them calm and/or focused. But you might not always have a suitable plaything nearby. The Fidget Cube is a new crowdfunded product that’s basically a tiny vinyl box with instruments designed for fidgeting […]

Superbook laptop dock for smartphones raises over $2.6 million, runs out of stretch goals

The Superbook is a device that looks like a laptop, but which is really more of a portable screen, keyboard, and battery for your smartphone. Plug a phone into the Superbook and you can run your Android apps on a bigger display with a desktop-style user interface complete with a taskbar and multi-window support. Andromium […]