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Lilbits: The Nothing phone’s lighting effects might actually be… useful?

It’s really hard to make a smartphone that stands out these days. Most Android phone makers are working with the same processors, cameras, and display technology available to their competitors. Sometimes we see a company try something really weird in an effort to break through the noise. Sometimes we see that same company exit the smartphone […]

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Lilbits: Samsung may be throttling Android app performance, Intel Core i7-12650HX leaked, Valve issues fix for Steam Deck stick drift

Every few years one or more phone makers seems to be caught throttling performance of certain Android apps and games, often to help phones get high scores in benchmarks even when they’re not representative of real-world performance. This time it’s Samsung’s turn. The company’s Game Optimizing Service has been discovered on Galaxy S22 phones, and […]

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TCL pulls the plug on BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry hasn’t actually made any smartphones in years. The BlackBerry KeyOne and Key2? Those were both made by TCL. Now BlackBerry has announced its partnership with TCL is ending.  That means that after August 31st, 2020 there probably won’t be any new BlackBerry-branded smartphones unless the company can find another hardware partner. While BlackBerry was an […]

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Sonder keyboard: A customizable keyboard with E Ink keys, could eventually sell for $199

So you’ve mastered the mysteries of the QWERTY keyboard and can type at around 100 words per minute. But what if you want to try out that Dvorak keyboard layout that some folks prefer, want to type in a different language with characters that are’t available in English and a different distribution of letters, or […]

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Sincerest form of flattery: iOS 8 features that Android had first

This fall Apple plans to launch what it calls the biggest update to iOS since the introduction of the App Store. The update to iOS 8 will bring some nifty new features including support for sharing iTunes downloads with family members on up to 6 devices, and “Instant Hotspot” functions that lets you quickly use your iPhone […]

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Smaller tablets mean smaller keyboard cases (Logitech Keyboard Folio mini)

The iPad has a 9.7 inch display, which means you can fit a just-about-full-sized keyboard into a case or cover for that tablet. And plenty of companies have done that, offering a wide range of keyboard options for Apple’s tablets. Apple’s iPad mini, on the other hand, has a smaller 7.9 inch display. While you […]

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Logitech launches new line of iPad, Android tablet accessories

Logitech is branching out beyond PC accessories with the introduction of a new line of products for Android tablets and the Apple iPad — although to be fair, most of the accessories actually make the experience of using one of these consumer tablets a bit more PC-like. First up is a keyboard case for the […]

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First look at some BlackBerry PlayBook OEM accessories?

When Research in Motion brought the BlackBerry PlayBook to CES last month, the company had a few cases and other accessories on-hand. But it’s a safe bet that third party companies are going to crank out keyboards, cases, screen covers, power adapters, and other goodies for any device getting as much positive buzz as the […]

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Aisonic’s mini-keyboards could be the perfect companion for mini-tablets

Tablets were everywhere at CES this year. NVIDIA had them, Freescale had them, dozens of Asian companies had them, and the Notion Ink Adam tablet was one of the most hyped products of the show. And many of the tablets showed a lot of promise as portable media players and web surfing tools. But call […]

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Apple Tablet could have an on-screen, multitouch keyboard

Microsoft, Apple, TechCrunch, Archos, and a fair number of other companies are throwing some weight behind the tablet concept. And I’ve been pretty skeptical for one major reason: text input. The idea of a handheld device without a physical keyboard for surfing the web, reading eBooks, and watching video seems like a good idea, until […]