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Vensmile K8 mini PC is a desktop built into a flexible keyboard and touchpad

Now that you can fit all the guts of a computer into a device small enough to slide into your pocket, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen PC makers experiment with different sizes and shapes in recent years. Some companies have even stuffed computers inside the casing of a keyboard. But the Vensmile K8 keyboard PC […]

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Pipo and Vensmile pack desktop PCs into folding keyboards

Stuffing a full-fledged computer into a device that looks like it’s just a keyboard? That’s old hat. But Chinese device maker Pipo is breathing new life into the idea by stuffing a PC into a travel-sized, folding keyboard. Notebook Italia spotted the new Pipo KB2 at the HKTDC fair. Update: Device maker Vensmile seems to have […]

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CoolShip $89 PC-in-a-keyboard is an upgradeable Android computer

Computers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days. And we’re not just talking about desktop, notebook, and tablet. That smartphone in your pocket is basically a mini-PC with a processor, storage, memory, and a few other goodies like a touchscreen. So it’s not surprising that we’ve seen many companies take the guts […]

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Commodore keyboard PC: The Eee Keyboard doesn’t have much to worry about

One upon a time, the Commodore name was synonymous with PCs that fit snugly into a (bulky) keyboard. And if one guy has anything to say about it, the Commodore name will rise again. Commodore USA is a new company that’s working to get the rights to use the name for a shiny new PC-in-a-keyboard. […]