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Brydge’s Surface keyboards turn Microsoft’s tablets into laptops

After launching a new line of iPad accessories earlier this year that turn Apple’s tablets into pseudo-laptops, Brydge is updating its line of Microsoft Surface accessories with a few new keyboards that do the same for Microsoft’s tablets. The new Brydge 10.5 Go+ is designed to work with Microsoft’s entry-level Surface Go and Surface Go 2 tablets, […]

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Logitech Combo Touch is a $150 backlit keyboard & trackpad cover for 10 inch iPads

Apple’s new 2020 iPad Pro models will be the company’s first tablets to ship with support for mouse and trackpad input. But when iOS 13.4 rolls out to older iPads next week, you’ll be able to use those pointing accessories with most recent iPads… with no need to spend $799 or more on an iPad […]

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Razer launches a $170 mechanical keyboard for the iPad pro

Apple positions the iPad Pro as a tablet with laptop-like power… but if you want to use it as a laptop you need to pay extra for a keyboard. Apple charges $169 for a “Smart Keyboard,” for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro but there are also some third-party options… and the latest is one of […]

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Microsoft launches Signature Edition Type Cover for Surface Pro

Want a keyboard cover to go with your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet? Microsoft offers a Type Cover for $130 or a version with an integrated fingerprint scanner for $160. Want something a little more fashionable? Now Microsoft also offers a $160 Signature Type Cover covered in two-tone gray Alcantara fabric. The new cover doesn’t really […]

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Microsoft unveils concept tablet keyboard with E Ink touchscreen

There are plenty of keyboard designed for use with tablets, allowing you to use a touch-only device like a laptop. But while keyboards make it easier to tap out text quickly, they could do so much more. Microsoft has developed a prototype of a new type of keyboard cover with a built-in E Ink touchscreen above the […]

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Microsoft’s $199 Surface Power Cover includes a keyboard and battery

Microsoft is now taking orders for the Surface Power Cover. It’s a keyboard cover for the latest Surface tablets which also includes an integrated battery that can give you up to 70 percent more battery life. First introduced in September, the Surface Power Cover is expected to ship starting March 19th. It’s available for pre-order […]

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Microsoft Surface Touch Cover price cut coming soon?

Microsoft has lowered the price of the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets in recent months. Now it looks like the Surface Touch Cover could be next in light for a price cut. WP Central reports that Microsoft will drop the price of a Touch Cover from $120 to $80 starting August 30th. The Touch […]