NVIDIA Tegra K1 benchmarks depict the fastest ARM graphics (so far)

NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra K1 chips will be the first to bring the company’s notebook-class Kepler graphics to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. NVIDIA Tegra K1 chips have 192 graphics cores paired with some of the fastest ARM-based processor cores available. But what does that mean in terms of performance? A couple of early benchmarks […]

Rumors: NVIDIA building its own tablets, next-gen Kindle Fire to have MediaTek chips

This year NVIDIA started selling its first consumer device with the launch of the NVIDIA Shield handheld game console. But word on the street is that it won’t be the last — not only does the company plan to introduce new Shield consoles with the latest hardware eventually, but NVIDIA may also be working on […]

NVIDIA to license Kepler GPU technology to other companies

NVIDIA plans to license its Kepler graphics technology to companies for use in phones, tablets, and other devices. Kepler is the graphics processor core used in the company’s GeForce processors as well as upcoming Tegra chips for mobile devices. The company also plans to license its visual computing portfolio, which would let other companies develop […]

Some ultrabooks could sport next-gen NVIDIA graphics

Ultrabooks are thin and light laptops that, by definition, feature Intel processors. That’s because Intel trademarked the word “ultrabook,” and the chipmaker provides PC makers with guidelines for building ultrabooks. But just because all ultrabooks have Intel CPUs doesn’t mean they’ll all have to rely on Intel integrated graphics. Fudzilla reports that several upcoming ultrabooks, […]