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Lilbits: F(x)tec Pro1-X keyboard phone, Motorola hits #3 in US smartphone sales, Steam Deck answers, and more

The F(x)tec Pro1-X is a smartphone with a 6 inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. But it has a few features that make it very unusual for a smartphone in 2022: the phone has a slide-out keyboard, supports both Android and Ubuntu Touch […]

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Lilbits: Windows 11 won’t run in virtual machines without TPM, Mozilla VPN picks up new features, and more

You don’t need a particularly powerful computer to run Windows 11. But you do need one with a relatively recent processor featuring a Trusted Platform Module because Microsoft is making TPM one of the minimum system requirements for security purposes. Until recently one way to get around that was by installing Windows 11 Preview builds […]

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Lilbits: LastPass limitations, Windows battery usage stats, and KDE Plasma 5.21

Popular password manager LastPass offers free and paid tiers. Once upon a time, you had to pay if you wanted to use the mobile LastPass app on your phone, but LastPass for desktop users was free. Then the company removed that limitation. Now it’s… sort of back. LastPass has announced that starting in mid-March, you’ll […]

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Lilbits: Google kills its MP3 store, Apple launches a smaller smart speaker

Last month Google introduced its $100 Nest Audio smart speaker and Amazon introduced a whole bunch of new Echo smart speakers. Today it was Apple’s turn. Two and a half years after the company released the original HomePod speaker with Siri support, the company has unveiled the HomePod mini which is smaller, cheaper, and serves […]

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Plasma Mobile UI for Linux phones gets new lockscreen, keyboard, and apps

Plasma Mobile is a user interface designed for smartphones running Linux-based operating systems such as postmarketOS, KDE Neon, and Manjaro ARM. It’s a mobile version of the Plasma Desktop software designed for Linux notebook and desktop computers, but with a UI and suite of apps that have been optimized for small, touchscreen devices. While Plasma […]

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Lilbits: KDE Plasma 5.20, Royole FlexPai 2, and Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony’s latest smartphone packs a 120 Hz OLED display, three rear cameras with Zeiss optics, and support for slow-motion HDR video capture, among other camera tricks. The Sony Xperia 5 II also packs a $950 price tag, because flagships are expensive these days. At least it has a headphone jack. If you’re looking for something […]

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KDE’s Plasma Bigscreen is an open source user environment design for TVs

KDE Plasma is a free and open source desktop environment originally designed for GNU/Linux PCs, and eventually adapted to phones. Now the folks at KDE have announced a new version customized for TVs and other big-screen displays. It’s called… Plasma Bigscreen. In a nutshell, Plasma Bigscreen brings the sort of features you’d expect from a […]

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Plasma Mobile: Linux-based smartphone operating system

There’s a new player in the smartphone operating system space: the folks behind the KDE desktop environment for Linux-based desktop computers have just unveiled Plasma Mobile. Plasma Mobile is basically a mobile version of the desktop Plasma user interface. It’s free and open source software, and while there aren’t any phones that ship with Plasma Phone […]

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Lilbits (7-16-2014): Amazon Prime video for Android imminent?

Want to watch Amazon Instant Video on your smartphone or tablet? Then you’d better have a Kindle Fire, a Fire Phone, or an iOS device: there’s no Amazon Instant Video or Prime Video app available for Android or other platforms… yet. But PC Advisor reports that at least in the UK, an Android app is […]