Karma Black is an LTE hotspot with privacy, security services (that you pay extra for)

Karma Mobility is a company that got its start by selling WiFi hotspots that are meant to create open mobile networks anywhere you go: you pay a monthly fee to use them, but you get extra data when other people create an account. It’s an interesting notion that helps explain why the company calls itself […]

Karma updates mobile hotspot prices (again… but this one’s not bad)

Karma sells mobile hotspots that let you get online a few different ways. You can pay for a monthly plan or pay per gigabyte. Last year the company tried launching an unlimited plan, but figured out that wasn’t sustainable when people actually used unlimited data, so it was replaced with the monthly data plan. Now […]

Karma launches new mobile data subscriptions, realizes “unlimited” was unsustainable

Karma is updating its mobile data plans… again. The company sells a mobile hotspot and lets users pay $14 per gigabyte of data with the promise that data never expires. You also get credit if other users connect to your hotspot and sign up for service. A few months ago Karma launched a new plan […]

Karma Neverstop “unlimited” mobile hotspot plans gets some limits

A few months ago mobile hotspot provider Karma launched a new unlimited data plan called Karma Neverstop, allowing customers to get unlimited data with speeds up to 5 Mbps for $50 per month. A few weeks ago the company acknowledged that there was a problem with offering unlimited data at that price: some customers were […]

Karma offers unlimited mobile hotspot for $50 per month (in addition to pay as you go plans)

Karma sells a mobile hotspot for $149 called Karma Go that you can use to connect to Sprint’s 4G LTE network on the go. That’s not particularly unusual, but the company’s business model is: when you activate a hotspot you’re not the only one that can connect to it: anyone can. And when somebody does connect […]