JXD Singularity S192: A $299 gaming tablet with Tegra K1, gamepad buttons

JXD has a new Android tablet on the way which has the same processor, screen resolution, and price tag as NVIDIA’s Shield tablet. So why opt for a model from a company called JXD instead of a better-known name like NVIDIA? Because the JXD Singularity S192 isn’t just a tablet. It’s basically a full-fledged handheld gaming […]

JXD launches S5110b Android gaming tablet with dual-core Amlogic CPU

Device maker JXD offers a range of Android tablets that look like handheld gaming consoles, and which tend to have the physical buttons to match. The company recently launched an updated version of the JXD S5110 (which looks a lot like a Sony PSP), featuring a new dual-core processor. The new JXD S5110b is available […]

JXD S7300 Android gaming tablet up for pre-order for $150

Most Android games are designed to be used with touchscreen controls. But I suspect the surge in Android-based gaming devices with physical controls could lead to a new market for games that make use of gamepad buttons. NVIDIA, Ouya, and Archos have all announced Android-based systems with buttons or controllers. And that could be good […]