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Fusion Garage hits more speedbumps, Grid10 tablet may be as dead as the JooJoo

Fusion Garage doesn’t have a great track record of delivering high quality products. Last year the company generated a lot of headlines with its JooJoo tablet (which started out its life as the CrunchPad before the company parted ways with TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington). When the tablet finally hit the market it was widely panned […]

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Fusion Garage unveils the Grid 10 tablet, makes android look hard

Fusion Garage made a name for itself with the JooJoo tablet, a disappointing tablet that launched in 2010. Now the company is back with a new tablet called the Grid 10 and a smartphone called the Grid 4 — and they run a new Android-based operating system called GridOS. The Grid 10 goes up for […]

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JooJoo goes vertical: Fusion Garage tablet finds future in enterprise

The Fusion Garage JooJoo tablet may not have been a wild success story in the consumer space, but the company is banking on the problem being software-related, not hardware. The JooJoo was envisioned as a web-0nly tablet running a light weight operating system that only served to launch a web browser without the ability to […]

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Bad Joojoo: Fusion Garage pulls plug on the Joojoo tablet, focuses on future

We already knew that Fusion Garage was planning to launch new tablets next year, likely running the Google Android operating system. But now e27 reports that the company’s first (and poorly received) tablet has reached the end of life. Fusion Garage founder Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan says that the Joojoo tablet didn’t meet the company’s sales expectations. […]

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JooJoo maker Fusion Garage retools its business model

Fusion Garage is the company behind the rather unsuccessful JooJoo tablet computer. But rather than throw in the towel, CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan says the company is changing its approach. While he hasn’t confirmed the rumor that new models will run Google Android, it certainly seems likely given the new approach. The JooJoo was designed to […]

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Joojoo ripped for another failing, this time it’s a GPL violation

Oh, Fusion Garage… Lately it seems the only good news which surfaces about your JooJoo tablet is the result of someone who doesn’t work for you doing something awesome with it — like installing Windows 7 on it. Developer Matthews Garrett recently got the chance to spend some time with the JooJoo, and apart from […]

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JooJoo tablet reviewed: Verdict? Maybe you should replace the operating system

When TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington first came up with the idea for the CrunchPad tablet, here’s what he wanted: A cheap touchscreen tablet that was pretty much just a screen and web browser. He partnered with the folks at Fusion Garage who started to build it and design custom software to make the web browser […]