Jolla to offer MeeGo-based mobile OS in early 2013

MeeGo may be dead, but long live Sailfish. A group of former Nokia employees have formed a new company called Jolla, and they’ve raised 200 million Euros to continue developing the Linux-based mobile operating system for phones and tablets, and they’re on track to offer the first version in early 2013. The Wall Street Journal […]

MeeGo isn’t dead yet: Jolla plans to launch smartphone with MeeGo software

Nokia may not be making smartphones with MeeGo Linux anymore, but a new company is hoping to keep the open source, Linux-based mobile software platform alive. Jolla plans introduce a new smartphone running MeeGo-based software later this year. MeeGo was formed when the Moblin netbook operating system and Maemo smartphone OS merged a few years […]