Oysters SF: One of the first Sailfish OS smartphone that doesn’t come from Jolla

While Finnish startup Jolla recently introduced a new limited-edition (1000 units) smartphone called the Jolla C, for the most part the company is done making hardware and instead wants to license its Sailfish OS software for use on other phones. Earlier this year, Intex unveiled the Aqua Fish, one of the first Sailfish OS phones […]

Jolla launches Sailfish OS community, limited edition Jolla C smartphone

It looks like the reports of Jolla’s demise have been somewhat exaggerated. After running into financial troubles last year and announcing it’d be unable to ship tablets to everyone who had placed orders, the company recently announced it had raised new funding for its efforts to continue developing the Sailfish operating system in hopes of […]

Jolla secures $12 million in funding for Sailfish OS

Finnish startup Jolla may have given up on plans to continue producing its own smartphones and tablets. But the company is continuing to develop the Sailfish OS operating system for mobile devices, and Jolla has just announced that it’s raised $12 million to continue working on Sailfish OS and to pursue licensing deals with hardware […]

Jolla unveils new Sailfish OS smartphone, partnerships

Jolla may be getting out of the hardware business, but it looks like the company’s Sailfish OS software will live on as promised… at least for a little while. The company announced this week that Intex will release a smartphone called the Aqua Fish that run Sailfish OS. Jolla is also partnering with Mi-Fone to […]

Jolla to ship about 540 more tablets, refund other orders (within a year)

Jolla says it’s getting ready to ship out more tablets to backers of a crowdfunding campaign for the first tablet to ship with the Sailfish operating system. Unfortunately these will also be the last Jolla tablets to ship. The company ran into financial and manufacturing difficulties in 2015, and in a blog post Jolla says it’s […]

Jolla to crowdfunding backers: Not everyone will get a tablet

Finnish mobile company Jolla had a rough year in 2015, and the company decided to stop producing its own hardware in order to focus on its Sailfish OS software. But what about folks who’ve already given the company money to buy hardware that hasn’t been delivered? After launching a smartphone in 2013, Jolla launched a […]

Sailfish OS isn’t dead yet, Jolla secures more funding

About a month after announcing temporary layoffs of most of its employees, Finnish smartphone software company Jolla says it has closed a Series C investment round, giving the company enough money to keep going.. at least for a while. That means Jolla plans to continue developing its Sailfish operating system for smartphones and tablets. Jolla was founded by […]

Sailfish OS maker Jolla announces temporary layoffs, debt restructuring

Finnish mobile company Jolla was founded a few years ago by former Nokia executives that wanted to carry on developing a Linux-based mobile operating system after Nokia made the switch to Windows Phone software. Jolla has released several versions of its Sailfish OS since then, as well as a phone and a tablet, although the […]

Jolla Tablet now shipping to developers, heading to customers later this year

Jolla may be getting out of the hardware business in order to focus on developing and licensing its Sailfish operating system to other phone and tablet makers. But the company still plans to ship the Jolla Tablet to backers of last year’s crowdfunding campaign. While the finished tablet isn’t quite ready to ship yet, Jolla has […]

Jolla unveils Sailfish OS 2.0, first phone hardware partner

Shortly after announcing plans to stop making its own smartphones and instead focus on developing and licensing the Sailfish operating system to other device makers, the folks at Jolla have two major announcements. First up, they’ve got at least one partner: Indian phone maker Intex plans to release a Sailfish phone later this year. Second, that […]

Jolla shifts efforts to Sailfish OS, exits smartphone hardware business

Finnish smartphone company Jolla has announced it will no longer be developing hardware. Instead the company will focus on developing and licensing the Sailfish operating system. Jolla says a new company will be established to take over the device business, but it sounds like Jolla is more interested in licensing its software to hardware companies […]