Sailfish OS 3.2 released with support for more phones, enhanced security

Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system developed by Jolla, a company which stopped making its own phones a few years ago, but which now offers software that you can install on supported devices including the Gemini PDA and several Sony smartphones. This week Jolla released Sailfish OS 3.2, which includes support for newer phones […]

Sailfish OS 3.1 smartphone OS adds support for fingerprint sensors, file system encryption

Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones… that continues to add some of the features you’d expect to find on a smartphone OS. The developers Jolla have announced that Sailfish OS 3.1 is now available and, among other things, it adds support for file system encryption and fingerprint sensors. A bunch of key […]

Mer Project and Sailfish OS are merging (open source, Linux-based mobile operating systems)

Mer is an open source GNU/Linux operating system designed for mobile devices. Sailfish OS, the operating system that Jolla develops for smartphones, is probably the most popular operating system based on Mer (which isn’t really saying very much). And the two projects have been closely intertwined from the get go. So it’s not exactly a […]

Jolla releases Sailfish 3 smartphone OS (with an eye on business users)

Finnish company Jolla’s Sailfish OS started its life as an effort to pick up where Nokia left off when it ceased development of the Linux-based MeeGo operating system for smartphones. After launching a few Sailfish-powered smartphones, failing to fully deliver on the promise of a Sailfish tablet, and dealing with financial, issues, the company has […]

Jolla’s Sailfish OS is still ticking, v2.2.0 brings fingerprint unlock and more

Jolla may be out of the hardware business, but the Finnish company is still bringing new features to its Linux-based Sailfish operating system for mobile devices. Earlier this year the company gave us a sneak peek at new features coming in Sailfish 3, including a 30 percent performance boost and support for feature phones with […]

Jolla’s Sailfish OS coming to more devices (including feature phones)

Jolla’s Sailfish operating system may not have be ready to topple Android just yet. But the Linux-based smartphone operating system is getting a few major updates this year, and it’s coming to a wider range of devices. Jolla is providing an early look at Sailfish 3 at Mobile World Congress this week, and the company […]

Youyota Sailfish OS tablet project hopes to pick up where Jolla Tablet left off (crowdfunding)

Jolla’s attempts to build an alternative to Android and iOS in the mobile space have been a bit underwhelming in recent years. The company’s Linux-based Sailfish OS is capable of running on a number of phones, but there aren’t many devices that ship with the operating system. And Jolla has pretty much given up on […]

Jolla releases Sailfish OS 2.1 with camera, browser, keyboard improvements

Jolla may be pretty much done launching its own hardware, but the Finnish company continues to released updates to the Linux-base Sailfish operating system that powers its phones and tablets, as well as some third-party devices. The latest update is Sailfish OS 2.1 “Iijoki.”  It includes a number of bug fixes, some architectural changes, and […]

Jolla’s Sailfish OS can run on smartwatches (technical demo)

Jolla’s Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system that was initially designed to run on smartphones, but eventually it could be used to power smartwatches and other wearable or IoT devices. The folks at Jolla are pretty much done selling their own hardware, so don’t expect to see a Jolla smartwatch anytime soon. But the developers […]