Jolicloud “personal cloud” for PC, iOS, Android coming soon

Jolicloud is getting ready to roll out a new cloud-based service that the company says will offer a new way to interact with all of your online services from one place — and that place can be a web browser, smartphone app or tablet app. When Jolicloud first launched, the company made an operating system […]

Chrome OS vs. Joli OS: Two operating systems with their heads in the clouds

The first Chrome OS laptops are starting to ship today, bringing Google’s vision of an operating system built solely around a web browser to the masses… or to any masses that care to order a Samsung Series 5 or Acer Cromia Chromebook. But Google isn’t the only company offering an operating system aimed at low […]

Joli OS 1.2 to feature guest mode, file browser, auto-login

Jolicloud will likely launch the next version of Joli OS, a light-weight, web-centric operating system for netbooks and other computers this week. Today the company is outlining some of the changes in store for Joli OS 1.2. There aren’t any huge changes to the user interface, but Jolicloud is bringing a few important new features […]

Jolicloud netbook operating system becomes Joli OS

Jolicloud will unveil version 1.2 of its Linux-based operating system later this week. But it won’t be Jolicloud 1.2. Instead the company will name the operating system Joli OS 1.2. The name change is part of a shift in focus. Jolicloud initially launched as a netbook operating system, blurring the line between native and desktop […]