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Asus Eee PC T91 gets the Windows 7 treatment… unofficially – Video

Windows 7 won’t be officially launched until October 22nd, but Microsoft has been making beta and release candidate versions available for months. So while it’ll be another month or two before we start to see netbook makers launching touchscreen laptops preloaded with Windows 7, it’s a bit surprising that I haven’t seen a detailed video […]

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SSD week at jkkmobile

Mobile tech blogger jkkmobile is highlighting SSD or solid state disk technology all week at his site. In a nutshell, solid state disks offer a number of advantages over traditional hard drives because they have no moving parts which can break, and they don’t make any noise.  They’re also physically smaller, although you typically have […]

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Asus Eee PC 900 unboxing video

Reviews of the Eee PC 900 have been making the rounds for a few days. But now that real people who aren’t affiliated with tech magazines are starting to get their hands on the next generation Eee PC, we start to get the stuff we’re really interested in, like this unboxing video from jkkmobile: […]