Jide Remix C1 tablet beta test begins (in China)

The company behind the Remix OS software that transforms Android into a desktop-style operating system have been focusing more on software than hardware over the past year or two. But the company launched a Remix Pro 2-in-1 tablet in China last year, and now the company is opening a beta test for a new tablet called […]

Jide Remix Pro tablet hits the FCC ahead of US launch

The Remix Pro is a tablet with a 12 inch, 2160 x 1440 pixel display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and a keyboard cover. It’s a follow-up to the Remix Ultra tablet released by Chinese startup Jide in 2015, and like that first-gen model, the […]

Remix Singularity will let you use Android phones as desktop PCs (work in progress)

Plenty of people rely on smartphones to do many of the things that used to require computers. You can check your email, surf the web, watch videos, and play games on a smartphone. Over the past few years we’ve seen a few attempts to take things further by allowing you to run desktop-style software on […]

Jide adds a Remix IO+ to its Android-based mini PC lineup (crowdfunding update)

Jide recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a multi-purpose box that runs the company’s Android-based operating system. The Remix IO is positioned as a device that can be used as a sort of desktop-style computer, or as a TV box that lets you stream videos or play games. But if you were underwhelmed by the hardware […]

Jide launches $99 Remix IO Android mini PC/game console/TV box (crowdfunding)

Jide Technology is launching its second Android-powered mini PC. Kind of. Last year’s Remix Mini was a small, inexpensive box that you could use as a computer thanks to Jide’s Android-based Remix OS software. But this year the company is launching a device that it’s positioning as 3 products in one: a PC, a game […]

Remix OS 3.0 released for Google Pixel C, Nexus 9 tablets

Android 7.0 Nougat will bring multi-window support to Android phones and tablets. But there are already a few custom versions of Android with multi-window capabilities, including Phoenix OS and Jide’s Remix OS. While Remix OS was initially only available to folks who bought a device with the OS pre-loaded, these days you can download the […]

Remix OS for PC update brings Android 6.0, multi-window improvements

Jide’s Remix OS is a customized version of Google Android designed for laptop and desktop computers. It ships on a handful of notebooks, mini PCs, and other devices, and earlier this year Jide released the first version of Remix OS for PC, allowing anyone to download the operating system and try it out on many […]

Acer introduces a Remix OS-powered laptop

In addition to launching a new tablet, the folks at Jide are continuing to license their Remix OS operating for use on third-party hardware. We’ve seen a number of laptops, tablets, and other computers ship with Remix OS over the past year or so. Now one of the biggest players in the PC space is getting […]

Jide unveils Remix Pro 2-in-1 tablet with Remix OS 3.0 (plus a new PC box and more)

Chinese startup Jide’s Remix OS is an operating system designed to make Google Android look and feel like a desktop OS. Jide launched a tablet and a mini-desktop PC running Remix OS in 2015, but over the past year the company has also partnered with a number of other device makers to load Remix OS […]

With Android apps coming to Chrome OS, is there room for Remix OS or Phoenix OS?

Over the past few years a number of companies have tried to turn Google Android into a desktop (or TV-focused) operating system by adding support for multi-window mode, among other things. Most recently, Chinese startups have launched Android-based operating systems like Remix OS and Phoenix OS which add a taskbar, desktop, and Windows-like multi-window functionality […]