Fitness tracker maker Jawbone is closing up shop

Jawbone was one of the early players in the wearable fitness tracker space that’s now largely dominated by Fitbit. But as consumers interested in activity tracking increasingly turn to multi-function devices like smartwatches, Fitbit is reportedly struggling to bring its first smartwatch to market, and Jawbone… is giving up. The Information reported today that Jawbone […]

Jawbone launches UP2, UP4 fitness trackers (with mobile payments for the UP4)

Jawbone is updating its UP line of fitness trackers with two new models. The UP2 is A $100 model that offers all the basic features you’d expect from an activity-tracking fitness band including step counting, sleep tracking, week-long battery life, and the ability to sync with iOS or Android apps. Or for $200 you can […]

Beyond dedicated fitness trackers: Up for iOS no longer requires a Jawbone Up24

Jawbone’s Up24 line of fitness trackers are bracelets you can wear to monitor your steps, distance traveled, and other activity. Pair an Up24 with your smartphone and you can keep track of your activity and see if you’re meeting your fitness goals. But you don’t actually need a Jawbone Up24 to use the company’s mobile app […]