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RIM lays out policy on jailbreaking (hint: don’t do it)

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion sells a lot of products to business clients, so it’s no surprise that security is a key feature. So when people figure out how to jailbreak a device such as the BlackBerry PlayBook by exploiting a security hole in the software, it’s not surprising that RIM moves to patch that […]

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Now you can (finally) jailbreak the iPad 2

Hackers have been jailbreaking iOS devices for years — but the Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have proven particularly difficult to crack. Apple’s latest two mobile devices feature a brand new A5 dual core processor, and up until recently the tight security on these devices resisted all jailbreaking attempts. But now the folks at […]

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How to root a BlackBerry PlayBook with DingleBerry

So you picked up a BlackBerry PlayBook for $199 and now you’ve decided that you want to root the tablet so you can access protected files and settings, install the Android Market, or do other things that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion doesn’t really want you to do. The Dingleberry tool makes the process relatively easy, […]

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Now you can root the BlackBerry PlayBook with Dingleberry

Independent developer Chris Wade has released a public beta of a tool that can root a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. It’s called Dingleberry, and it’s available for Windows computers. A Mac version is coming soon. Dingleberry grants users escalated privileges on the tablet, allowing you to access files and settings that would otherwise be off limits. […]

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Previously on Mobiputing

You can always find the latest news and reviews on mobile apps by visiting in a desktop browser or mobile browser. Now after spending a year covering mobile apps, Mobiputing finally has one of its own. You can download out first Android app from the Android Market. An iPhone version is coming soon. And […]

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Jailbreaking, rooting phones and ripping DVDs now legal in the US

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) is the US copyright law that was designed ostensibly to protect the rights of content owners in the digital age. But it’s come under a lot of criticism since its establishment from those who fear that it takes away long-held “fair use” rights that let people who purchase things […]