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The iOS 7.1 jailbreaking begins

When Apple launched iOS 7.1 the company added support for CarPlay, tweaked some visual elements, added some calendar changes, and improved Siri. Oh yeah, Apple also patched the security vulnerabilities people had been using to jailbreak earlier versions of the iPhone and iPad operating system. It looks like hackers have started to find new ways to […]

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Apple iOS 7.1 adds CarPlay support, Siri improvements, and more

Apple has released iOS 7.1 for iPhones and iPads. The update brings a few major new features including support for Apple CarPlay — a new service that lets you pair your phone with an in-car system in some vehicles to control phone, music, maps, and other features using your car’s touchscreens, knobs, and buttons without […]

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iOS 7.1 beta 5 released to devs, quickly jailbroken by Evad3rs

Apple recently released a fifth beta of iOS 7.1 to developers, offering bug fixes and new voices for Siri designed to sound better in UK and Australian English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. The update also patched some of the exploits used by the latest jailbreak utilities — but it didn’t take long for the folks […]

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Lilbits (12-26-2013): Oppo’s 538 ppi smartphone

Apple introduced the world to the buzzwords “retina display” with the introduction of the iPhone 4 a few years ago. The idea was that you can’t easily spot individual pixels on a smartphone screen with more than 300 pixels per inch — and the iPhone 4 had 326 pixels per inch. For some reason that […]

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Lilbits (12-23-2013): Updating your devices (officially or not)

Want to make sure your gadget is running the latest software? Sometimes that’s easy… sometimes it’s less easy. And sometimes it’s officially unsupported. Today’s roundup of tech stories from around the web includes a few OS updates: Hackers have figured out how to install Android 4.4 KitKat on Google’s now-defunct Nexus Q media streaming orb. […]

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Lilbits (10-02-2013): More bad news for BlackBerry

Canadian smartphone company BlackBerry could go private soon, which means the company may not have to report its financial health to the public anymore. But for now, the company is continuing to provide updates on its current situation… and the state of the BlackBerry is not good. Here’s a roundup of tech news from around […]

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Most popular Liliputing articles from 9/07 – 9/14

Apple and Intel held dueling press conferences this week (seriously, they were both happening at the exact time), with Apple unveiling its next-gen smartphones, and Intel it’s next-gen chips. Both companies are continuing to put mobile tech front and center. Here’s a roundup of some of the most popular articles from Liliputing from the week […]

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iOS 6.1.4 is jailbroken… just in time for iOS 7 launch

Apple’s iOS 7 will be available for download starting September 18th, and it’ll ship on the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S that go on sale this month. It brings a new user interface, improved multi-tasking, and new settings and controls, among other things. Meanwhile, a hacker has just figured out how to jailbreak the last version […]

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Lilbits (7-01-2013): iOS 7 beta jailbroken, next Nexus 7 probably not leaked

Evidence has been making the rounds Asus is working on a new tablet with a 7 inch screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. It apparently has the model number “K009,” and featurs a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 5MP camera, and a 4,000mAh battery. Folks who like to speculate on these things […]

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Apple releases iOS 6.1.3, kills evasi0n untethered jailbreak

Apple released a minor software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices this week. It offered improved maps for Japan and fixed a security vulnerability that could allow users to access the Phone app on an iPhone without first entering a security code. But that’s not the only vulnerability Apple patched in iOS 6.1.3 […]