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Lilbits: LastPass customer data stolen (included encrypted password vaults) and what you can do about it

You probably know that you should have a unique, secure password for every site you visit (unless you’re already living in the post-password world of passkeys). You also probably know that there’s no way you’re going to remember all of those unique passwords, which is why we have password managers like 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, Bitwarden, […]

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Now you can boot Linux on Apple devices with A7 through A11 series chips

Apple makes it famously difficult to run anything other than iOS on iPhones and iPads. But from time to time hackers have found ways to install different operating systems. The latest example? Now you can boot Linux on iPhones, iPads, and other devices released from 2013 through 2017 thanks to a new project from Kondrad […]

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Apple brings mouse support to iPads and iPhones (as an accessibility feature in iOS 13/iPadOS)

Apple has been claiming for years that you can use an iPad Pro to get real work done… as long as you don’t think you need a mouse for work, because up until now iOS hasn’t supported mouse input. But that changed this week when Apple launched developer previews of iPadOS and iOS 13. Now […]

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Apple gives the iPod touch an A10 Fusion chip, keeps the $199 starting price

Apple’s new iPod touch looks… just like the old iPod touch. But under the hood it’s a lot more powerful. The company hasn’t raised the price though. You can still pick up an entry-level iPod touch for $199. It’s just that now you’ll get a model with 32GB of storage and an Apple A10 Fusion […]

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You can buy a Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One phone for $245 (but probably shouldn’t… maybe)

Xiaomi’s first smartphone with near-stock Android software is set to go on sale in India next week for about $234. But if you’re interested in buying a Xiaomi Mi A1 and having it shipped to the United States, Gearbest has you covered. The online retailer is taking orders for less than $245, and the price […]

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Apple kills iPod nano and shuffle, increases iPod touch storage (and drops price)

Apple is reshuffling its portable media player lineup… by dropping the iPod shuffle and iPad nano. This morning MacRumors noticed that Apple had removed those two devices from its website and store, and Apple released a statement to The Verge confirming that the company is “simplifying” its iPod family. Basically the last iPod standing is […]

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$20 Android phones may be the cheapest iPod touch alternatives available

Smartphones have largely replaced portable media players for most people. It’s been a few years since Apple bothered to update its iPod touch, and it’s been even longer since I’ve seen any other company try to offer a good Android-powered alternative to Apple’s touchscreen media player. Sometimes it can be useful to have a device that […]

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Now you can use Firefox on an iPhone or iPad

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch… but there’s something a little different about the iOS version of Firefox. The new browser looks a lot like the Android version of Firefox and it supports Firefox Accounts for synchronizing your passwords, bookmarks, history, and browser tabs between devices. But while […]

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6th-gen iPod touch dissected, tested (it’s a lot faster)

The 6th-gen Apple iPod touch is the first major update to Apple’s iPhone-without-a-phone since 2012. So it’s not surprising that the new model is faster than the 5th-gen version. But the folks at Ars Technica ran a few tests and found that the new model is a lot faster. Like 5 times faster… and graphics performance […]

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Apple refreshes iPod touch lineup: new colors, better specs

After a three-year break, Apple’s flagship music device, the iPod, has finally gotten a bit of love. Today, the company quietly updated its online retail store to feature a new lineup of the nano, shuffle, and touch, complete with new colors and a few upgrades under the hood. The sixth-generation iPod touch, has been upgraded […]