Bloomberg: Apple hopes to launch AirPower wireless charger by September

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging… but Apple doesn’t make a wireless charger for it yet, so the company has been selling third-party chargers since the iPhone X launched last year. When the company unveiled the phone last September, Apple also noted that it was working on a new wireless […]

If Apple drops the notch in 2019, will Android phone makers follow suit?

Nearly a dozen new Android phones with camera cut-outs in their otherwise nearly full-screen displays debuted at Mobile World Congress last month. Rumor has it LG’s next flagship will also have a camera “notch.” And Google has officially added support for displays with cutouts to Android P. While the first modern smartphone with a notch was […]

Apple’s new phones are playing catch up, but that’s a good thing

Apple’s phones have a reputation for featuring some of the fastest mobile processors around, some of the best smartphone cameras, and sturdy construction. The original iPhone was also the first major smartphone to feature a finger-friendly capacitive touchscreen that changed the way we interact with phones. But for the past few years, Apple’s been playing […]

Apple iPhone X: “The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”

Apple is launching its first iPhone with an OLED display, the first model with an ultra-wide screen, and the first without a physical home button. It’s called the Apple iPhone X, and it’s a new high-end model that will join the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the company’s lineup. It’s also that funny looking […]