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T-Mobile unveils Music Freedom (stream without data caps), lets you Test Drive with an iPhone loaner

Not sure if T-Mobile’s wireless network coverage is good enough for you to switch from your current provider? No problem. The company will loan you an iPhone 5s for a week so you can try out its service. T-Mobile calls the new service Test Drive, and it launches June 23rd. That’s just one of the […]

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EnerPlex offers solar cases to (slowly) charge your Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S

You’re on a camping trip. Your phone is dead, but you need to make a call. If you’ve got an EnerPlex case (and some sunlight), all you need is a little patience. The company offers a line of solar-powered smartphone cases for the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. Stick your phone in the sun […]

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Lilbits (9-19-2013): Google Wallet goes cross-platform

Google Wallet may have started its life as an app designed to let you tap your phone against a tap register to make electronic payments, but adoption hasn’t exactly been spectacular. The good news is that Google Wallet has a few other features: it can act as a virtual wallet for storing customer loyalty cards, […]

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Samsung says it’s working on 64-bit smartphone chips too

Apple may be the only company offering smartphones with 64-bit processors right now, but Apple won’t be alone for long. Samsung says it’s next-generation phones will also have 64-bit chips. The Korea Times reports Samsung is working on 64-bit chips, and that they should be ready in time for the company’s “next smartphones.” While Samsung […]