Civilization VI is now available for iPads: it’s pretty much the same as the PC game (for the same price)

The line between PC, console, and mobile games keeps getting thinner and thinner. In fact, it might be gone now. Not only have developers been porting old PC and console titles like the Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy series games to run on mobile devices for years. But today we saw the launch of […]

Universal apps that can run on iPhone, iPad, or Mac coming in 2018?

Apple’s iPhone line of products changed the way we think about smartphones… and the company’s App Store also change the way we find and download apps to run on those devices. So it’s not surprising that Apple eventually tried to replicate that success by launching a Mac App Store. But it’s never really taken off. […]

Apple launches iPad Pro 10.5 with A10X processor (and updated iPad Pro 12.9)

Apple’s latest iPad features a 10.5 inch display with 20 percent more screen space than the company’s 9.7 inch models. But the new iPad Pro 10.5 has slimmer bezels and a compact design, which means the tablet is still just about 1 pound. The new model is powered by a brand new Apple A10X processor […]

Apple’s new TV app includes unified search and browse, Minecraft and Twitter coming soon to Apple TV

Apple is introducing new features for its Apple TV hardware, including support for new types of apps (such as Twitter, which allows you to see social media reactions to shows you’re watching), as well as new games coming to the platform (Minecraft is on the way). The company has also unveiled a new TV app […]

Apple drops prices, increases storage for most iPad models

Apple didn’t talk about iPads at all during this week’s iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 launch event. But the company did make some changes to its iPad lineup. Thanks to a series of price drops and storage bumps, the cheapest new iPad you can buy is a $269 iPad mini 2 with 32GB […]

Tablet shipments continue to fall

There was a time when some folks predicted tablet shipments would eventually surpass those of traditional PCs like laptops and desktops. But it’s easy to make that kind of prediction when a product category is brand new, because going from 0 to a few million devices shipped looks like astronomical growth. These days, things are […]