A Windows 7 tablet stuffed into an oversized iPhone case is not an iPad clone

The Apple iPad is expected to begin shipping in the next month or two, and while it remains to be seen whether it will truly revolutionize the slate PC space, there’s one thing the iPad has already done: spark a ton of competition in the tablet space. For much of 2010, the iPad was nothing […]

Acer has no plans to compete with the iPad

Apple may have created a huge buzz around tablet computers when the company introduced the iPad last week. But while a number of other PC makers including Asus, MSI, HP, Dell, and others are expected to launch 5 to 10 inch slate PCs this year, there’s at least one company that’s apparently decided to sit […]

Apple iPad’s $499 price tag has other tablet makers rethinking pricing

With a base price of $499, the recently announced iPad isn’t exactly cheap. Most netbooks, smartphones, and other mobile computing devices available today can be picked up for significantly less. But for an Apple product, $499 ain’t bad. COO TIM Cook had previously indicated that he didn’t think the company could produce anything worthwhile in […]

Apple introduces the iPad tablet, prices starting at $499

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has unveiled the company’s new tablet device, called the iPad. He’s pitching it as a device that’s more capable than an iPhone, but more portable than a laptop. Basically, he says it’s a third category of device between phones and laptops… Jobs acknowledged that some people consider netbooks to fill that […]