Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro mic can be disconnected (when you use a compatible case)

Every Apple MacBook released since 2018 has had a privacy feature that disconnects the microphone hardware when the lid is closed so that nobody can take control of your computer and listen when you think the system is sleeping. Now Apple is bringing the same hardware mic disconnect feature to iPads, starting with this year’s […]

Logitech Combo Touch is a $150 backlit keyboard & trackpad cover for 10 inch iPads

Apple’s new 2020 iPad Pro models will be the company’s first tablets to ship with support for mouse and trackpad input. But when iOS 13.4 rolls out to older iPads next week, you’ll be able to use those pointing accessories with most recent iPads… with no need to spend $799 or more on an iPad […]

Apple’s new iPad Pro has a LiDAR scanner and optional Magic Keyboard (with trackpad and backlit keys)

As expected, the latest version of iPadOS brings mouse and trackpad support to Apple’s tablet operating system. Oh, and Apple’s new iPad Pro makes use of that via a new optional Magic Keyboard with a built-in trackpad, backlit keys, and… a hefty price tag. The new iPad Pro also has a faster processor, improved microphones, […]

Bloomberg: Apple to launch iPhone Pro, 16 inch MacBook Pro in September (and much more)

Apple has a habit of introducing new iPhones in September, but according to a report from Bloomberg, next-gen smartphones may just be one part of the company’s next hardware event. Bloomberg’s sources indicate that we can expect three new iPhones, new iPad and iPad Pro models, and the first MacBook Pro to feature a 16 […]

iPadOS: Apple tablets aren’t just big iPhones anymore

The first Apple iPad launched in 2010, and at the time it was running pretty much the same software that ran on the company’s iPhones. Over time Apple has added more iPad-specific features that take advantage of larger displays and more powerful hardware — and the differences really started to accelerate when Apple introduced the […]

Your Slightly Bent, Brand New iPad Pro Is Perfectly Fine According To Apple

A factory-fresh 2018 edition iPad Pro can cost you anywhere between $799 and $1899. These are premium devices, and people who spend that kind of cash on a tablet expect it to come out of the package in mint condition. When consumers think about Apple words like luxury, exclusive, innovative, and sleek come to mind. […]

Upgrading is expensive: Old Apple Pencil doesn’t work with new iPad Pro

Apple’s 3rd-gen iPad Pro tablets are up for pre-order today for $799 and up. But that’s just the price for the tablet. If you want accessories like the Folio Keyboard and Apple Pencil you’ll have to pay extra… even if you already have an Apple Pencil. That’s because the new iPad Pro doesn’t support the […]

Apple’s newest iPad Pro has thinner bezels, Face ID, updated Apple Pencil

Apple is updating its iPad Pro with a new model featuring slimmer bezels, a thinner design, and no home button. Instead the new iPad Pro has a Face ID camera system that lets you login to the device by looking at it. They’re also the first iPads to feature USB Type-C ports. Prices start at […]

Deals of the Day (9-15-2017)

Apple quietly increased the price of some iPad Pro tablets by about $50 this week, possibly as a response to rising flash memory prices. While entry-level models for the 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models still start at $649 and $799, respectively, you’ll end up paying more if you opt for a model […]