Intel’s low-power Edison PC module now shipping for developers, hobbyists

Intel is now shipping the tiny Edison PC module the company first unveiled in January. It’s a small, low-power device that basically has the guts of a simple computer. Edison is powered by a 500 MHz Intel Atom Silvermont dual-core processor and feature 1GB of RAM and 4GB of eMMC flash storage as well as […]

Meet the new competitor for an Internet of Things standard

As device makers crank out a growing number of gadgets that can connect to the internet (and to one another), it’s starting to look like we need a standard for how your thermostat, light bulbs, refrigerator, and other things should talk to one another. Some major industry players including Qualcomm, LG, Microsoft, and Sharp have already […]

Crowdfunding: 3 incredibly tiny PC modules starting at just $15

There was a time when computers were enormous, expensive machines that filled entire rooms. Now you can pick up a tiny desktop computer like the Raspberry Pi for about $35. But there’s room to go even smaller… and cheaper. Three new projects hit crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo recently, with the developers hoping to raise funds to offer incredibly […]