Intel launches Atom E3900 for Internet of Things products

Intel’s Atom family  of low-power processors first came to market as a line of chips for inexpensive netbooks and other laptops. In recent years Intel produced Atom chips aimed at tablets and even smartphones… but having failed to find a profitable niche in that space, Intel scrapped its Atom chips for mobile devices earlier this year. […]

Intel may not be done with mobile processors after all

This year Intel announced that it was ending development of its Atom chips for smartphones and scrapping the next-gen Atom chips that had been planned for tablets and 2-in-1 PCs. Instead, Intel would develop modems for smartphones and low-power processors (among other things) for drones, smart home devices, and other Internet of Things products. Now […]

Intel Joule is a tiny Atom-powered system-on-a-module for IoT, embedded applications

As expected, Intel’s Atom branding for low-power processors isn’t dead. The company has just stopped using the Atom name on its chips for laptop, desktop and tablet PCs… and is instead launching new Atom chips designed for Internet of Things (IoT) products. At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel unveiled a new system-on-a-module […]

Amazon’s latest Dash Button is the programmable $20 AWS IoT Button

Amazon’s Dash buttons are small, internet-connected buttons that usually do one thing: let you order refills of specific products from Amazon. The company sells them for $5 and gives you a $5 credit on your first order, which basically makes them free. But if you’re not the sort of person who orders a lot of […]

Nokia to acquire fitness/wearable maker Withings

Nokia may not be ready to re-enter the smartphone business (yet), but the company is apparently looking to make a play for consumer-oriented fitness, wearables, and internet-of-things products. The company has announced plans to acquire Withings for 170 million Euros (about $192 million). Withings is a French company that makes products including fitness trackers, watches […]

Samsung’s latest C-Lab projects include lifelogger, IoT controller, helmet communicator

Samsung’s C-Lab program is a sort of incubator for new hardware and software projects from Samsung employees. Since unveiling the C-Lab to the public in December, we’ve seen projects including a watch that turns your fingertips into a Bluetooth earpiece (through vibration), an app that can transcribe music when you hum a tune, a fitness […]

Intel restructuring means 12,000 job cuts (11 percent of its employees)

Chip maker Intel has announced a restructuring plan that will reduce the company’s workforce by 12,000 people and save the company about $750 million per year. But Intel says the goal isn’t just to save money, but also to shift its priorities and focus more on growth areas including data centers and Internet of Things businesses. […]

Intel Atom x5-E8000 is a low-power chip for embedded applications

Intel is expanding its line of Intel Atom x5 processors with a new low-power, quad-core, 64-bit processor. But the new Atom x5-E800 isn’t destined for consumer PCs like tablets, notebooks, and mini desktops. It’s aimed at Internet-of-Things and other embedded applications. The processor is based on Intel’s Braswell architecture, but with a tray price of $39, […]

WiFi is coming to Internet of Things with new WiFi HaLow standard

There’s a good chance you use WiFi to connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the internet… and to other phones, tablets, and computers on your home or work network. But right now a lot of low-power wearables, smart home products, and other “Internet of Things” devices rely on Bluetooth or other technologies. The Wi-Fi […]

MIPS Creator Ci40 dev board hits Kickstarter for $53 and up

The MIPS Creator Ci40 is a single-board computer for developers working on projects involving Internet of Things applications and low-power MIPS processors. Imagination Technologies unveiled the board in October, and now the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring the Ci40 to market. You can reserve a board with a pledge […]

SolidRun ClearFog dev board has Marvell Armada A38x chip, 6-port Ethernet switch

SolidRun’s latest development board looks like something you’d use to make an internet router… and I suppose that’s one of the things you could use it for. The ClearFrog Pro is a single-board computer with a Marvell Armada A380/A388 processor, 256MB to 1GB of RAM and an optional SD card for storage. It also has […]