Amazon will end support for Dash Wand devices July 21st (effectively bricking them)

The Amazon Dash Wand is a small stick designed to make ordering (or re-ordering) products from Amazon simpler. Wave the device’s built-in scanner over barcodes of products in your home and it can re-order those items from Amazon. A few years ago Amazon launched a version of the Dash Wand with built-in support for the […]

Amazon Dash buttons discontinued (but existing users can keep buying stuff by clicking the buttons)

Amazon’s $5 Dash Buttons debuted in 2015, allowing you to buy a $5 button that you could place anywhere in your home so that you could instantly order refills from Amazon simply by pressing a button. Need more dog food? Press a button and it’s delivered within days (or hours). Out of laundry detergent? There’s […]

Google’s Android Things is now aimed at OEM partners building Smart Speakers and Displays

When Google launched the Android Things platform a few years ago, the idea was to offer an Android-based operating system for Internet of Things gadgets as well as a platform that anyone could use to build IoT projects using Google’s SDK and popular devices like a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Now Google says it’s […]

goButton is a one-click button for anything (Crowfunding Amazon Dash buttons for the rest of the world)

Amazon’s Dash buttons are small, internet-connected wireless buttons that you can press to instantly re-order anything from snacks to household products like cleaning supplies. Amazon sells them for $5 each, and typically gives you a $5 credit the first time you use one, which makes the buttons practically free. Like the idea of a simple […]

Orange Pi 2G-IoT is a $10 single-board PC with a cellular modem

There’s no shortage of cheap single-board computers that you can use for development projects, media streaming, or even general purpose computing. But up until recently many of the most popular lacked built-in support for for WiFi or Bluetooth. Now that the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W include those, what’s next? How about […]

MODI is a modular kit for making your own IoT gadgets

There are a lot of “Internet of Things” products on display at CES, including smart lights, speakers, and even trash cans. But Luxrobo is showing off a system that makes it easy to build your own smart home system. It’s called MODI, and it’s a modular system of sensors, motors, lights, buttons, and other components. […]

Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant is coming to IoT

Microsoft may not be planning to launch its own Google Home/Amazon Echo-style smart speaker. But the company does have big plans for letting you interact with smart home devices using the company’s Cortana voice assistant. The company recently started adding features to Windows 10 for computers that allow you to use your voice to turn off a PC, […]

Google launches Android Things OS for Internet of Things (Project Brillo grows up)

A little over a year after introducing a new Android-based operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Google is giving the OS a new name and giving developers new tools to create things like smart light bulbs, plugs, thermostats, and more. Goodbye Brillo. Hello Android Things. The name change makes sense, given that Android […]