iOS 11 lets you “offload apps” to save space, while retaining data and settings

There’s no such thing as an iPhone with a microSD card. So if you’re running out of storage on your phone, the easiest way to free up some space is to delete photos, music, or videos or uninstall some apps you don’t use very often. Now Apple is making the latter option a bit more […]

Google Assistant launches for iPhone (and other Google Assistant & Google Home updates)

Google Assistant is expanding to new devices. Google recently launched an SDK that developers can use to integrate the company’s intelligent assistant software into third-party devices. But now the company says Google Assistant is also available for iPhone. Google Assistant updates The iOS version of the app supports most of the features that are already […]

Amazon’s iPhone app now includes Alexa Voice service

Remember when Amazon tried to launch a smartphone? That didn’t go so well. But maybe Amazon doesn’t need to build and sell its own phones in order to get into your pocket. The company offers Amazon shopping, video, Kindle, and other apps for Android and iOS. And starting today Amazon’s iPhone app also includes the […]

Microsoft Outlook for iOS gets add-on support, coming soon to Android

Microsoft Outlook is a tool for managing email, contacts, and calendars. And if you use Outlook on a desktop computer or the web, you can also use add-ins to extend the functionality. Now add-ins are also available for the smartphone and tablet versions of Outlook… for iOS anyway. Microsoft says Android support is on the […]

Apple is phasing out support for 32-bit iOS apps

Apple was the first company to offer a smartphone powered by a 64-bit processor. Now it looks like it’ll be the first to end support for phones with 32-bit chips. Sort of. Your older iPhones or iPads won’t stop working anytime soon, but there are signs that any device running the latest version of iOS […]

Final Android Wear 2.0 preview brings iOS support for third-party apps

Google is expected to roll out a major update to its smartwatch operating system soon. But the company has been offering developer preview builds for months. Now Google has released a fifth and final developer preview of Android Wear 2.0, including a number of bug fixes and one major new feature: support for third-party apps […]

Sony to bring a half dozen PlayStation games to mobile next year

Nintendo isn’t the only game console company getting into the mobile space. Earlier this year Sony announced it was forming a new group called ForwardWorks aimed at bringing PlayStation content to mobile devices. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Sony’s PlayStation division “plans to release five or six smartphone games” by March, 2018. There’s […]

Super Mario Run is coming to mobile (iOS first)

Nintendo is bringing its first Super Mario game to mobile. Super Mario Run will initially be available as an iOS exclusive, and it’s got the look and feel of a classic Mario game, but it’s designed specifically for smartphones. The game will be available for iOS in time for the 2016 holiday season. It’ll launch […]

Apple is cleaning up the app store, removing outdated apps starting September 7th

It’s been more than 8 years since Apple launched the App Store. Developers have uploaded more than 2 million apps since 2008… and some of them are woefully out of date. So Apple has announced plans to start cleaning up. Starting September 7th, the company plans to review and remove apps that are outdated, don’t […]