Microsoft is bridging the gap between Windows PCs and Android or iOS phones

Microsoft’s mobile strategy has evolved in recent years. Instead of trying to push its own Windows 10 Mobile operating system as a competitor to Android and iOS, the company has largely focused on developing apps and services for the world’s most popular smartphone operating systems. That makes sense, since billions of people are using Android, […]

Spotify brings free, custom on-demand playlists to mobile apps

Spotify‘s free, ad-supported app for desktop users offers the ability to listen to any song at any time, as long as you’re willing to listen to ads after every few songs. But the company’s mobile apps for Android and iOS have typically been more restricted: you could shuffle songs in a playlist, but if you […]

Universal apps that can run on iPhone, iPad, or Mac coming in 2018?

Apple’s iPhone line of products changed the way we think about smartphones… and the company’s App Store also change the way we find and download apps to run on those devices. So it’s not surprising that Apple eventually tried to replicate that success by launching a Mac App Store. But it’s never really taken off. […]

iPhone 8 face unlock, unusual design revealed by HomePod firmware

Apple’s first smart speaker is coming later this year, but the company has released an early build of the HomePod’s firmware, possibly by accident. And developers have started digging into it… and finding surprising things, such a details about the upcoming (and unannounced) iPhone 8. For example, it looks like Apple’s newest iPhone will features […]

Microsoft kills Word Flow keyboard for iOS to focus on SwiftKey

Smartphones that run Windows may not be very popular these days, but you can get a taste of Microsoft on iOS or Android by installing some of the company’s apps for those platforms, including Cortana, Bing, and Office. Up until recently, iPhone users could even install Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard to get a typing experience […]

ARKit could help iOS leapfrog over Android in augmented reality

Augmented reality apps have been around for almost as long as smartphones with cameras have been around. But lately they’ve started to get really good thanks to advanced technologies like Google’s Project Tango which uses software and hardware to mix virtual objects and real-world settings in cool ways. But there are only a few devices that […]