Apple’s new iPad mini packs an A12 chip, sells for $399 and up

Apple’s smallest iPad is now powered by the same Apple A12 Bionic processor found in the company’s most powerful smartphones. The company says the 2019 iPad mini offers three times the performance of previous-gen models, and nine times faster graphics. The new chip isn’t quite as powerful as the A12X Bionic found in the latest […]

Bloomberg: The lines between iOS and Mac apps to start blurring this summer

Apple’s computers run macOS, while the company’s smartphones and tablets run iOS. But soon you may be able to run the same versions of some apps on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Last year Apple announced it was undertaking a multi-year project that would allow you to run iOS apps on a Mac. Now Bloomberg […]

Cydia Store has shut down (app store for jailbroken iPhone tweaks)

For years the Cydia Store was a key component of the iPhone jailbreak scene — jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad gives you access to files, settings, and features that would otherwise be unavailable, but the Cydia Store makes it easy to find and install apps that take advantage of those features. But the Cydia Store […]

Mozilla brings new features to Firefox Focus privacy-focused browser

Firefox Focus is a mobile web browser designed first and foremost for private browsing. It deletes your cookies every time you exit the browser and never tracks your history. Basically it’s a mobile web browser that only has an incognito/private browsing mode. It also blocks ads that use any data tracking. When Mozilla first launched Firefox […]

Apple starts “multi-year project” to bring iOS apps to Macs

Apple is probably better known for its smartphones and tablets than for its laptops and desktop computers these days. But in spite of constant rumors that the company eventually plans to merge its iPhone and Mac operating systems, the company says the two platforms will continue to be separate… kind of. The company does want to […]

Plex redesigns its mobile apps, adds podcast features (sort of)

Plex is a popular app for organizing and playing media across a range of devices. It’s choc full of features that basically let you roll your own Netflix or Spotify by loading up a bunch of movies, TV shows, or music albums and then streaming them from a home computer or network-attached-storage device (NAS) over […]

Microsoft is bridging the gap between Windows PCs and Android or iOS phones

Microsoft’s mobile strategy has evolved in recent years. Instead of trying to push its own Windows 10 Mobile operating system as a competitor to Android and iOS, the company has largely focused on developing apps and services for the world’s most popular smartphone operating systems. That makes sense, since billions of people are using Android, […]