Splashtop adds configurable gamepad, shortcuts to remote desktop app for Android, iOS… for a fee

Splashtop offers apps for iOS and Android that let you remote control a Mac or Windows computer from your phone or tablet. Want to surf the web using the full version of Firefox? Splashtop lets you login to your PC and do that from your iPad. Want to play PC games on your Android phone? […]

Amazon brings its MP3 music store to iOS (with a web app)

Amazon’s Cloud Player app for iOS lets you stream music from your Amazon account to an  iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. But you can’t use the app to purchase music on your mobile device — you’ll need to purchase or upload tracks using a PC or a different device. Now Amazon is making it possible […]

Google Maps comes to the iOS App Store

When Apple launched the first iPhone, it featured a Maps app powered by Google Maps. Every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that’s been released since then has had a Maps app — but with the introduction of iOS 6 this year Apple dropped Google Maps and started using a new map service developed in-house. Some […]

This is what MS Office for iOS and Android might look like

There’s no shortage of office apps for iOS and Android, ranging from cloud-based solutions such as Google Drive/Docs to native apps including Docs To Go, QuickOffice and Softmaker Office. But the 800-pound gorilla of the office world is getting ready to launch its office app — and The Verge has a first look at Microsoft Office […]

Apple’s 5th-gen iPod touch: It’s stripped down $299 iPhone 5 without the phone

Apple has unveiled its next-generation iPod touch. It looks like an iPhone 5, with the same 4 inch, 1136 x 640 pixel display. But the 5th-generation iPod touch doesn’t make phone calls, it’s even thinner than the new iPhone, and it has a last-generation processor. It’s available for purchase for $299 and up. That’s more […]

Google bringing enhanced, Siri-like voice search to iPhone, iPad

Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean introduced new, enhanced voice search capabilities that allow you to ask your Android phone or tablet a question, and receive an answer instead of a search results page showing a bunch of links. Want to know what the temperature is? Google Voice Ssearch will speak the answer to you and […]