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What’s new in iOS 8

Apple’s next version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad includes support for interactive notifications that let you do things like reply to a message straight from the pull-down notification center. Other new features in iOS 8 include updates to Mail for easier management of messages, quick access to your most frequently used contacts, […]

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Apple unveils iCloud Drive online file storage service

Apple is unveiling OS X 10.10 Yosemite, featuring a refined user interface, updates apps, and more. One of the most wide-reaching changes is support for a new way to use Apple’s iCloud online storage system: iCloud Drive. Apple iCloud Drive is basically Apple’s answer to Dropbox or Google Drive, giving you a way to store […]

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Dropbox brings Mailbox to Android, launches Carousel media manager for Android, iOS

Online storage company Dropbox provides tools for backing up your data to the cloud, accessing your files from multiple devices, and sharing files with other users. But Dropbox doesn’t just let you store your files in the cloud — it also provides tools for interacting with them. Now Dropbox is adding a few new tools […]

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Google Photowall app makes Chromecast an interactive photo gallery

Google positions its Chromecast device as a cheap and easy way to stream internet video to your TV. But ever since the company released an official SDK for the device, developers have been coming up with other ways to use a Chromecast, including video games, drawing apps, and more. Now Google is getting in on […]

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The iOS 7.1 jailbreaking begins

When Apple launched iOS 7.1 the company added support for CarPlay, tweaked some visual elements, added some calendar changes, and improved Siri. Oh yeah, Apple also patched the security vulnerabilities people had been using to jailbreak earlier versions of the iPhone and iPad operating system. It looks like hackers have started to find new ways to […]

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Apple iOS 7.1 adds CarPlay support, Siri improvements, and more

Apple has released iOS 7.1 for iPhones and iPads. The update brings a few major new features including support for Apple CarPlay — a new service that lets you pair your phone with an in-car system in some vehicles to control phone, music, maps, and other features using your car’s touchscreens, knobs, and buttons without […]

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Lilbits (3-04-2014): Is Apple CarPlay gunning for Google Now?

This week Apple introduced CarPlay, a system that lets you pair your iPhone with a vehicle featuring CarPlay support to make calls, listen to music, view maps, and access other data without touching your phone. You can just tap the screen or use voice commands. But CNET notes CarPlay might be more than a way […]