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Project Loon: Google wants to provide internet access to all… with balloons

About two thirds of the people on the planet don’t have access to the internet. Plenty of people have ideas about how to change that — it’s cheaper to build 3G cellular towers in some parts of the world than to lay new cable or telephone wires, for instance. But Google has another idea: Balloons. […]

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Ubuntu One ups free cloud storage to 5GB, hits 1 million users

Ubuntu One provides cloud storage and synchronization to users and is tightly integrated with the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system. It allows users to store profile information and files online, and access them across different computers, operating systems, and mobile devices.  Though it’s still fairly nascent, the service has enjoyed a good deal of success […]

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How to play bleeding edge games on low power netbooks (remote gaming)

Netbooks and other low power computers make surprisingly decent gaming machines if you’re cool with playing older games or recent games that don’t require quad-core CPUs and 1GHz graphics processors. Unfortunately a lot of the best games do require more serious hardware, along with higher resolution displays, which you would think would rule out a […]