Disney to launch streaming service, end Netflix deal (and streaming will eventually be as expensive as cable)

Want to sign up for basic cable service and get little more than your local channels and a few extras? Plenty of providers will offer you a fairly affordable option. But if you want to add ESPN, you’ll probably have to pay for a more expensive tier. Then there are premium channels like Showtime and […]

PBS Kids Plug & Play is a $50 streaming stick with some pre-loaded media

face There’s no shortage of ways to stream videos to a TV these days. For $50 or less you can plug a Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV into your TV to access content from Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and PBS, among other sources. But if you’re looking for a kid-friendly option that should keep your […]

Boomerang to stream classic cartoons for $5 per month (or $40 per year)

There’s no shortage of kid-friendly content available on streaming media services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But what if you want your kids to grow up with an appreciation of the classics? Time Warner has unveiled a new subscription video service called Boomerang that will stream classic cartoons when it launches this spring. Price […]

YouTube TV: Live streaming TV for $35 per month (with 40 channels, cloud DVR)

Google is the latest company to enter the internet TV space. YouTube TV is coming soon, and the $35/month service will let you watch dozens of channels live over the internet, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, ESPN, USA, and FX. There’s also a cloud DVR feature that lets you save programs for later viewing. […]

Caavo promises to bring together Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV… with an impressive, expensive workaround solution

There’s no shortage of boxes that you can plug into your TV to stream online video. But right now there’s no single box to rule them all: there’s no Amazon Video app for Apple TV. A Roku can’t play iTunes videos. And don’t even get me started on Google Play Video’s limitations. Caavo has a […]

Hulu’s plans for 2017 include video downloads and live TV streaming

Online video service Hulu lets subscribers stream thousands of TV shows and movies for a monthly fee. The service has gone through some big changes in recent years. There’s no longer a free version of Hulu, and subscribers can now choose to from an ad-support subscription plan or a more expensive ad-free tier. There are […]

AT&T Stream Saver will throttle internet video streams to save data (optionally)

A year ago T-Mobile unveiled Binge On, a feature that allows subscribers to stream content from select internet video services without the data counting against your data cap. But in exchange for that feature, you have to let T-Mobile throttle your video quality to 480p. If you want HD streaming you can disable Binge On, but then […]