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CrunchPad tablet is alive, well, and under $400 (with sponsorship)

Last week the folks at The Business Insider started predicting that Michael Arrington’s CrunchPad tablet was dead. Arrington hadn’t really spoken much about the tablet since this summer, and the Business Insider heard rumors that the rising costs of production were delaying and possibly putting an end to the tablet. Apparently the reports of the […]

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HP introduces DreamScreen internet tablets

You know how Apple’s answer to the netbook phenomenon is supposed to be a touchscreen, internet-connected tablet device? It’s starting to look like Apple might be the last company to introduce of those. Toshiba, TechCrunch, and now HP have all introduced relatively affordable internet tablets. Of course, the HP version looks more like a souped […]

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The TechCrunch tablet crams netbook parts into an internet tablet

TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington started an intriguing project last summer. The goal was to build a $200 tablet designed for browsing the web, watching online video, and generally doing things that you can do in a browser. The idea was that since the hardware and software didn’t need to support any application other than the web […]