Apple Music combines subscriptions, internet radio, and more

Apple is launching its subscription-based music streaming service. It comes at a time when there’s already plenty of competition from Spotify, Rdio, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, and many others. But Apple figures it’s got a few things going for it that will help set it apart. First, Apple Music is service that offers on-demand streaming of […]

Lilbits (4-09-2015): Firefox for Android surpasses 100 million downloads

Google’s Android operating system may come with a web browser (or two) pre-loaded, depending on the device and software version. But that hasn’t stopped developers from offering third-party browsers such as Dolphin, Opera, and Firefox. In fact, Mozilla says it’s Firefox web browser for Android has been downloaded over 100 million times. A few years […]

Google Play Music gets Songza-like curated playlists

Google acquired music streaming service Songza this summer, and now the company is starting to bring Songza-style features to Google Play Music. Starting today Google is rolling out an update to Play Music that will let you stream curated playlists… assuming you’re paying $9.99 per month for a Google Play Music subscription. There’s still a separate […]

Amazon Prime Stations brings ad-free genre-based internet radio to Prime members

Amazon is adding genre-based internet radio stations to Amazon Prime Music. In addition to adding songs, albums, and playlists to your library, Amazon Prime subscribers can now tune into ad-free music streams in categories such as Classic Rock, Top Pop, ’90s R&B, or Classic Blues, just to name a few. The new offering is called Amazon […]

Google acquires Songza to bring better playlists to Google Play Music

Good news for fans of Google Play Music: Google has announced that it’s acquiring Songza, a music streaming company that specializes in curated playlists. Hopefully this is good news for Songza too, since the startup now has access to Google-sized resources. But Google has a habit of shutting down products from the companies it acquires […]

Pandora updates Android app with related tracks, song history, more

Pandora has overhauled its internet radio app for Android with a new user interface and new features that had only been available from the Pandora website up until recently. The user interface features a new, lighter theme… and larger, more prominent advertisements. That’s not really a problem if you’re using a phone or tablet with […]