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The Internet Archive’s Calculator Drawer is a web-based emulator for classic calculators

The Internet Archive has been archiving websites for nearly three decades. But in recent years the company has moved to provide digital archives of classic computer games and, more recently, Palm Pilot apps. Now the company’s reaching a bit further back in digital history with the launch of The Calculator Drawer, a collection of classic […]

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Lilbits: Run Palm Pilot apps in your browser with the Internet Archive’s emulator

The Internet Archive manages to keep internet history alive by offering backups of millions of web pages and other content, including many pages that are no longer available in their original forms. But the Internet Archive is also an online library that offers access to plenty of other content, including music, videos, and (somewhat controversially) […]

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Internet Archive lets you play thousands of C64 games in your browser

The Internet Archive has a new software collection that includes thousands of games and programs designed for the Commodore 64 computers. And they’re playable in a web browser. Sort of. According to Jason Scott, all of the programs uploaded have been “tested for at least booting properly,” but you may find some that don’t actually […]

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Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to be searchable by 2017

If Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, the Internet Archive’s is to preserve that information. In addition to providing a huge archive of music, videos, software, and text, the Internet Archive maintains snapshots of websites as they existed in the past. The organization’s Wayback Machine can show you what Google looked like in 1999, or what […]

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Lilbits (11-7-2013): Internet Archive hit by fire, Nexus 5 hit by dissection tools

Backing up the data on your computer, phone, and other devices is a good way to make sure you don’t lose anything in the event of a fire or other disaster. The folks at the non-profit Internet Archive go a bit further by trying to make backups of everything they can — books, web pages, movies, […]