Intel: Classmate 3 coming soon

It seems like just yesterday that Intel announced a major update to its OLPC-not-quite-killer, the Classmate PC. Now the company is poised to shake things up for a second time this year. PC World is reporting that Intel will announce details of the Classmate 3 laptop next month. While the Classmate 2 has a larger […]

Intel to launch dual-core Atom chip in September

Looking to get a low cost, ultraportable laptop, but don’t want to settle for a single core processor? There’ve been rumors for a while that Intel would be releasing a dual-core version of its popular Atom CPU. Now Fudzilla is reporting that Intell will launch the low-cost, low-power, dual core chip on September 21st. According […]

SanDisk, Intel announce plans to manufacture SSD drives

Chip maker Intel and flash memory maker SanDisk have separately announced plans to develop solid state disks for use in low-cost subnotebooks. SanDisk says its pSSD drives will be available in 3, 8, and 16GB capacities, and will feature read speeds of 39 MB/s and write speeds of 17MB/s. The company’s drives should be available […]

Intel, Asus chiefs predict massive growth in low-cost laptop market

If you think there are a lot of low-cost ultraportable computers hitting the market this year, just wait. Intel officials say the company expects low-cost computer shipments to top 100 million between now and 2011. Meanwhile, Asus president Jerry Shen expects to sell 10 million Eee PCs in 2008 and twice as many next year. […]