Intel NUC mini computers with 28 watt Coffee Lake chips now available

If you don’t count the “Hades Canyon” and “Skull Canyon” models aimed at gamers, most of Intel’s NUC mini computers to date have shipped with 15 watt or lower power processors. But while the  new Intel NUC “Bean Canyon” line of computers are about the same size and shape as their predecessors, they’re powered by […]

Intel’s Coffee Lake NUC mini PCs shipping in September, up for pre-order now

Intel’s new “Bean Canyon” NUC computers are tiny desktop PCs powered by 28 watt Intel Coffee Lake processors with Intel Iris Plus 655 graphics. If you don’t count the Intel “Skull Canyon” and “Hades Canyon” NUCs, which are larger models aimed at gamers, the new Bean Canyon systems are the most powerful NUC mini computers […]

Deals of the Day (6-25-2018)

Intel’s new Hades Canyon NUC mini computer is basically a gaming PC that’s small enough to throw in a backpack and carry with you. While prices normally start at $799, that doesn’t include memory, storage, or an operating system. Today Newegg is running a few deals that could help ease the strain on your wallet. […]

Intel’s Kaby Lake NUC mini PCs now available with Optane memory

Intel Optane memory is a new type of speedy, non-volatile solid state storage that can be used like an SSD… except that for now it’s way more expensive. So Intel’s first consumer versions of Optane memory are small modules meant to offer speedy cache performance when used alongside a larger hard drive or SSD. And […]

Intel NUC mini PC kits with Core i3 now available for $300

Intel is refreshing its NUC line of tiny desktop computers with new models featuring Intel Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake chips. The new versions should offer better CPU and graphics performance than their predecessors, and Intel has also given them a slight makeover with a darker case and a power button that’s been moved from the […]

Ubuntu Core now supports Intel’s $150 (or less) NUC mini computer

Ubuntu Core is a stripped down version of Canonical’s popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, designed to run on low-power computers like the Raspberry Pi 2, Beaglebone, Gumstix, ODroid-C1, and others. Now Canonical has announced that Ubuntu Core also supports the Intel NUC DE3815TY mini-computer. That’s one of cheapest  members of the Intel NUC line of mini-desktops. […]