System76 will disable Intel Management engine on its Linux laptops

System76 is one a handful of companies that sells computers that run Linux software out of the box. But like most PCs that have shipped with Intel’s Core processors in the past few years, System76 laptops include Intel’s Management Engine firmware. Intel recently confirmed a major security vulnerability affecting those chips and it’s working with […]

Intel confirms security vulnerabilities in Intel Management Engine

Intel has come under fire recently for bundling hidden firmware on some chips. While Intel Management Engine provides some hardware-based security and power management features, it’s also a completely closed-source bit of code that comes bundled with most recent Intel processors, and which cannot be easily disabled by users who may decide they don’t need […]

Purism’s Linux laptops now ship with Intel Management Engine disabled

Most computers that ship with recent Intel processors include something called Intel Management Engine, which enables hardware-based security, power management, and remote configuration features that are not tied to the operating system running on your PC. For free software proponents, this has been a pain in the behind, because it’s a closed-source, proprietary feature designed […]