Lilbits 358: Ryzen-powered “Zork” Chromebook on the way (if it’s not eaten by a grue)

Acer and HP unveiled the first Chromebooks powered by AMD processors this year and they’re… cheap laptops with cheap, low-power processors. If you’d been holding out for a Chromebook with a more powerful AMD Ryzen processor, it looks like you might not have to wait forever. Kevin Tofel from About Chromebooks spotted references in Chromium […]

Intel’s first 9th-gen laptop chips are coming this year

We should start to see laptops with 9th-gen Intel Core processors later this year, but rather than start with an upgrade to the 15 watt Whiskey Lake-U chips that power today’s thin-and-light laptops, it looks like Intel is focusing on the follow-up to its 45-watt, high-performance Coffee Lake-H family first. If you’re curious about the […]

Intel’s next-gen Celeron and Pentium chips for budget devices could be way more powerful

Intel has been offering cheap, low-power processors for entry-level laptops since the company unveiled the first Atom chip for netbooks way back in 2008. The company doesn’t use the Atom name any more, but entry-level Celeron and Pentium Silver chips in the company’s Gemini Lake line use Atom-based architecture while higher-performance Pentium Gold processors are […]

Intel promises 2X better graphics with Gen11 integrated GPU

Intel’s integrated graphics technology has come a long way in recent years, making it possible to power multiple 4K displays or play some less demanding 3D games on a computer featuring just an Intel processor with an Intel UHD integrated GPU. But rivals AMD and NVIDIA haven’t exactly been sitting still — NVIDIA’s entry-level MX130 […]