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Intel Education 2-in-1 is a rugged tablet for students

Intel is updating its line of education-oriented tablet and notebook reference designs with its first 2-in-1 device. The Intel Education 2-in-1 looks a bit like the Classmate PC convertible netbooks of yesteryear, but instead of a notebook with a hinge that lets you twist the screen around for tablet use, the 2-in-1 is a tablet with […]

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Intel Education Tablet performs acts of science (with magnifier, temperature accessories)

You can use pretty much any tablet in the classroom if all you want is a tool to let kids look things up on the internet, watch videos, play educational games, or perform other basic tasks. But Intel is hoping its new Intel Education Tablet reference design stands out a bit thanks to support for […]

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Intel introduces 7, 10 inch Android tablets for education

Intel’s been promoting Windows tablets, laptops, and hybrid devices for education through its Classmate PC program for a few years. But now the company’s taking a step into Android territory with two new “Education Tablets.” The Intel Education Tablets sport 7 and 10 inch screens, Intel Atom processors, and Google Android software. Intel Education Tablet […]