Intel ceases development of Compute Cards (in the latest modular computing fail)

When Intel unveiled its Compute Card platform in early 2017, the company painted a picture of a modular future where you could buy a smart TV, internet-connected home appliances, or even computer docks and upgrade their processors, memory, and RAM in the future by simply swapping out a credit card-sized device. That future never really […]

Intel June Canyon NUC with Gemini Lake coming soon (and other Intel mini PC news)

Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC may be the most powerful mini-desktop the company has ever built, but it’s not the only mini PC Intel brought to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. I got a chance to sit down with Intel’s John Deatherage to talk about the company’s other mini PCs, and he laid out the roadmap […]

Intel Compute Card with Core M3 Kaby Lake tested & benchmarked

The Intel Compute Card is a tiny computer about the size of a few credit cards stacked on top of one another. First unveiled in January, the first Compute Cards and accessories should be available soon. While they have some pretty clear applications for commercial products, it’s a bit less clear whether there’s currently any […]

Intel Compute Card specs leaked (Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake models)

Intel’s Compute Cards are basically tiny PCs stuffed into a case that’s not much larger than a credit card. They’re the spiritual successor to the company’s Compute Stick line of devices… but instead of plugging into the HDMI port of a TV or monitor, the Compute Card is designed for modular systems. Theoretically you could buy […]

Intel Compute Card will be the upgradeable brains of 2nd-gen NexDock laptop dock

The upcoming Intel Compute Card is basically a computer stuffed into a case that’s not much larger than a credit card. Intel unveiled the platform at the Consumer Electronics Show this month, and says when the first Compute Cards launch later this year, they’ll be able to power all sort of smart devices. Want to make […]

Intel Compute Card is a tiny PC for a modular world

Intel envisions a world where you’ll be able to buy a smart TV, smart refrigerator, or other gadgets with a computer inside… and keep using the gadget even after the PC components start to feel dated. That’s because you’ll be able to swap out the PC and replace it with a new one. And when […]

Intel Compute Card is a credit card-sized PC

Intel introduced the NUC line of mini computers a few years ago, with systems measuring around 4.5″ x 4.4″. Then the company went smaller, with the Intel Compute Stick, with models measuring about 4″ x 1.5″. Now the company is going even smaller, with the introduction of the Intel Compute Card. It’s a PC that’s […]