Intel’s Android smartphone prototype is also a Linux desktop PC

Intel is showing off a smartphone prototype that can also power a desktop PC experience. No, it’s not running Windows 10 Mobile and using Continuum for phone software. Instead, this is a low-power phone with an Intel Atom x3 processor and two operating systems: Android and a custom version of Debian Linux. Hold it like a […]

Teclast X70 3G: First tablet with Intel Atom x3

The Intel Atom processors are low-power chips designed for smartphones, tablets, and other small and relatively affordable devices. This year Intel is introducing several new members of the Atom family ranging from the reasonably powerful Atom x7 chips used in devices like the $499 Microsoft Surface 3, mid-range Atom x5 chips for devices that will […]

Intel outlines plans for next-gen Atom chips (Cherry Trail, SoFIA)

Intel’s Atom processors are low-power chips aimed at smartphones, tablets, and entry-level notebook and desktop computers. The Atom line has been around for over half a decade, but this year Intel is shaking things up by splitting the line into three segments. The Intel Atom x3 line of chips are aimed at entry-level devices which […]