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Closer look at Intel’s Canoe Lake ultrathin netbook concept

Intel introduced a line of new low power chips for netbooks, tablets, and smartphones this morning. But one of the more interesting things Intel launched wasn’t a chip, but a reference design for creating ultrathin netbooks that use passive cooling instead of noisy fans. Intel’s new Canoe Lake platform would let PC makers design netbooks […]

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Samsung Go netbook updated, given the Pine Trail treatment

Samsung appears to have launched an updated version of the Samsung Go netbook. The new version looks identical to the original Samsung N310 and has the same rubberized case and chiclet-style keyboard that I loved so much when I reviewed the laptop last year. But the updated Go has a shiny new 1.66GHz Intel Atom […]

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MSI to showcase Pine Trail nettops at CES

Next generation netbooks with Intel Atom Pine Trail processors have been hogging the headlines for the last few days. But it’s not just mini-laptops that are getting the Pine Trail treatment. New mini-desktops (or nettops) and all-in-one computers will also be powered by the new Intel Atom D410 single core and D510 dual core processors. […]